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2018-09-19 18:08:59

The repair and maintenance of kiln

       The overhaul and maintenance of furnace as a whole should not be neglected, and it is related to the size of the kiln production capacity, kiln can achieve the design production, as well as to produce a product meets the requirements, etc. Channel is a stove was clear, is there any obstacle affecting car cooling system, car cooling fan operation is good; Track the operation of the actual situation, the second is stove, if there is a deformation of the parts will not affect kiln car running; Three sand sealing groove is a stove, to see if it have deformation of the case, will not affect the sealing; Four is sealed between the kiln car and kiln car; Fifth, kiln car running system work is normal, can the car to the required position; Six is the cooling air system are in good condition; Seven is whether the ventilation pipe there is obstruction, whole kiln ventilation is obstructed; Eight is smoke waste heat and exhaust system is working correctly, whether the normal operation kiln; Nine is whether there is a crack on the kiln body, can make the kiln produces air leakage phenomenon, can repair, and whether all the kiln body heat preservation performance, will be after using the heat release.

  For kiln maintenance, should pay attention to treatment furnace surrounding water drainage, groundwater and surface water too much, easy to produce the foundation and the softening to endurance, kiln structure changes, affect kiln body crack. Keep the stove has good ventilation conditions, such as in winter or not, should burn all innovation bad body, and out of the kiln, the kiln, suspension has good ventilation conditions, kiln body will not absorb too much air moisture, ignition again doesn't make the kiln to produce harm. Kiln on metal pipeline in high temperature and high humidity production situation, it is easy to oxidation corrosion, in peacetime maintenance, should check in detail, for each part to be embalmed, in order to avoid the damage can't use, affect the normal production kilns. Kiln during the production process in the body, the entire contact with high temperature erosion, metope can produce flake peeling phenomenon. Daub should be given a layer of protective layer and protective layer by direct contact with the flame. Thus prolongs the service life of the kiln.