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       Xianyang Huaguang Kilns&Furnaces Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xianyang City Hightech Development Zone, which specializes in industrial furnace, electronic equipment design and manufacturing, import and export right to enjoy thecompany has a strong technical force , Advanced processing equipment and perfect quality assurance system, a good production environment and a full range of means testing for domestic and foreign customers with high-quality products and quality service. 
       The main production company of the two major series: industrial furnace, non-standard special equipment. 
      The main varieties have pushed fully automatic heater platdualchannel kiln furnace car, automatic roller furnace, with net furnace, heat treatment production lines back to the converter, tubular heater, furnace shuttle, welltype heater, furnace and the takeoff and landing experimental furnace, a wide range For electronics, ceramics, glass, rare earth chemicals, nonferrous metals, powders, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, hard alloy, mechanical heat treatment, energy and materials sectors, with high-precision temperature stable performance, easy to operate, and so significant energy saving Advantages. 
       A high degree of flexibility in the design to make our products more personalized, advanced thermal insulation technology innovation has greatly reduced running costs, longterm commitment to hightemperature process technology and experience to ensure that the product is easy to operate, professional installation to ensure the reliability of the product, a sound Service system to ensure that never speaks for the gifted. The company’s philosophy is good quality, pricing, and quick after-sales service to provide users with satisfactory service.